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Bodegón Butamarta


Butamarta is a family company located in a privileged area of Jaén provincen, the largest producer of olive oil, and more specifically in Santisteban del Puerto, right in the foothills of Sierra Morena, where weather conditions and soil are given for exceptional cultivation of own olive trees; These factors allow us to have a raw material with a unique organoleptic and physicochemical characteristics.



Butamarta Olive Oil born from the concerns of three people, after a whole life immersed in the oil sector, they discover that the best way to control the quality of their products is to deal throughout the whole production process, because as growers of this unique Mediterranean fruit, they know they have the strongest of commitments to consumers of olive oil.


botella de aceite Butamarta en olivo

In Butamarta we wanted to combine the experience, tradition and craftsmanship of the old masters millers with technological innovations to bring to market a product with all the guarantees and essential axis of the Mediterranean diet, the Olive Oil.

Aware of the significance and importance must have the quality and purity of our products, Butamarta have a service laboratory which controls strict compliance with national and international standards, as well as our own requirements. We are certified in ISO 22000 : 2005, an international food safety management standard, use to establish and certify our olive oil safety management system.

In addition, Butamarta has an olive oil bottling plant to meet the three links in the chain. Our bottling plant is equipped with technical and human resources necessary to carry out, with a maximum of quality, the conversion of the precious fruit of the olive tree, into "liquid gold", our Butamarta Olive Oil.